• Black Hangar Studios

    a truly independent film studio

  • Most versatile studio in UK

    Maximise your budget and minimise your headaches

    One of the largest in UK

    32,000 Sq ft

    Uninterrupted floor space, High ceilings, huge Cyclorama, incredibly strong ceiling fixtures (rig 7.5 tons on each), extra wide loading gates, phase 3 power.


    Flexible boutique

    Specialists in equity, SEIS, EIS, tax credit, gap and complex multi party agreements.


    We additionally provide: bridge, finishing and deliverables finance.

    Creative Collaborator

    We produce 2 to 3 films per year and are actively exploring co productions with India, China, South Africa and Canada. Reach out if you have something you think would excite us.

    Value on screen

    Online, VFX, Audio, Offline and Grading - all available wet or dry hire - on site, or at your office. We offer full titling services, delivery paperwork, feature film deliverables and sub titling.

  • Credits



  • Rogue One

    Jyn Erso leads the Rebel Alliance in a risky move to steal the plans for the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.

    Born To Be Blue

    Premiered at 2015 “Toronto International Film Festival” Born To Be Blue – As UK co-producers Black Hangar Studios were attached at script development stage and have brought finance and its wealth of experience in post production.

    Breaking The Bank

    Aside from stage/offices/workshop hire, we were responsible for: product placement, car pool, set build, vfx (200+ shots), digital lab, conform, offline & online suites, music supervision, music re-records and picture delivery (including 35mm and DCP)

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

    Ewan MacGregor

    A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realize a sheik's vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desert and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.


    When the big blue chips brands want a bigger more enticing space, they come to us. Peugeot, Nissan, BMW, Land Rover; are all regulars; as are a range of audience shows and industry stalwarts like QVC.

    24 Live Another Day

    Jack Bauer comes out of hiding in London to head off a massive terrorist attack while being hunted down by American forces dispatched by President James Heller.

    Miracle on Hudson

    National Geographic

    An incredibly ambitious production. We masterminded the design and build of the world's largest outdoor water tank and the world's largest green screen. Capped off with us recreating Manhattan with CGI.

    Amazing Race

    Amazon's Amazing Race is a regular visitor to Black Hangar, where they benefit from our massive uninterrupted stage space, huge perimeter tracks and runway.

    Doctor Who

    An eccentric yet compassionate extraterrestrial Time Lord zips through time and space to solve problems and battle injustice across the universe, traveling via the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space)

    Top Gear


    The world famous Top Gear is a British television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, ressurected in 2002 it has become the most widely watched factual television program in the world.

    Dark Tide

    Halle Berry

    Black Hangar’s exterior, above ground water tank proved to be the perfect setting

    DARK TIDE Black Hangar Studios boasts the second largest outdoor water tank in Europe. The Studio also benefits from the biggest green screen in Europe.

    Ra One

    Shah Ruhk Kahn

    RA-ONE, the biggest Indian film of all time (shot at Black Hangar Studios, with all the VFX/CGI being completed by our Intelligent Creatures’ VFX team) is now being converted to 3D, for a re-released in 2D and 3D, in theatres around the world.

    Peter and Wendy

    Stanley Tucci

    This version establishes a dramatic connection with Great Ormond Street, the world famous children's hospital that has become irrevocably associated with Peter Pan.

  • The Hangar




  • Stage

    It's massive

    • Stage Height:11.27m (37ft) at the apex, 10.05m (33ft) side height
    • Vehicle Access: Width 5.8m (18ft) Height 7.9m (25 ft)
    • Weight bearing: 7 ton per truss, 330 ton overall roof weight
    • Floor space: 32,000 Sq ft uninterrupted (no pillars or support structures)
    • Power: 48 x 13 amp points and 3 x 3 phase 32 amp
    “Born To Be Blue” starring Ethan Hawke, “Breaking The Bank” starring Kelsey Grammer & “Miracle Landing On The Hudson” for National Geographic are all In-house productions.


    For a seriously big green screen shoot

    The UK’S Largest Permanent Cyclorama

    (100ft in length and 24ft in height)

    Standing at a mighty 24 feet and spanning 100 feet in length our Cyclorama is currently being put to good use on the feature film Breaking The Bank starring Kelsey Grammer and has been used in Star Wars Rogue One, 24: Live Another Day and Peter and Wendy.
    In house Visual FX Supervisor and CGI artists can be made available to assist your production team and ensure your shots are delivered to the highest spec possible and that your Director's creative vision is realized.

  • Aircraft Props

    Cabin, cockpit, fuselage and more

    Unique aircraft sets and props on site, ready for hire to the film and television community.

    We partner exclusively with a premier aircraft recycling company and thus have access to a wide array of aircraft props, sets and parts; which we are happy to host on site.



    We currently have all kinds of parts and indeed whole fuselages that are used to great effect in a studio environment, in fact such is the quality we are starting to field not just film and tv requests, but requests for training and other uses.

    Fuselage – The central body of an aircraft, to which the wings and tail assembly are attached and which accommodates the crew, passengers, and cargo.


    Cockpit – A popular rental, with many major films utilising throughout the year. Great production value for Indie and Studio films alike

    Fuselage – We have a fully dressed 737 interior (with steps, life rafts/vests, first class cabin, trolleys etc) - used to great effect for a range of films including the recent adaptation of the best seller "Kill Your Friends"

    Helicopters, Gliders, Stunt Planes

    Range of Compartments– partitioned sections, chambers, and smaller areas, within the larger enclosed area of the fuselage.


    We also have access to a wide range of helicopters, gliders, stunt planes and fully functional aeroplanes – to fulfill all of your film’s aviation requirements.

  • Backlot

    An extensive backlot within minutes of our Studio in Lasham, boasting extensive woodland, deserted roads and ample opportunities for Green Screen virtual sets and set extensions. In addition we have access (at special rates) to a further 500 acres of private land for filming; all just 45 minutes drive from Central London.

  • Production Facilities




  • Office Space

    We have numerous production offices in varying sizes to meet every production and budget requirement.

    Heating, power points, telephones with itemized billing and internet lines are provided in our offices.

    Meeting rooms are available on an hourly bases for local businesses.

    Please Note: Utilities, cleaning, internet and telephone calls incur additional costs.

    Makeup and Hair

    This is a bright, clean and modern facility, which can be extended easily, to cater for larger production requirements – or single stars. Includes Makeup and back wash chairs, ample lighting and fresh towels. Rooms have the flexibility to cater for all makeup needs including prosthetics and full body casts.

    Canteen & Catering

    From just £18 per head a day we can take care of all your catering needs, leaving you to relax and enjoy your stay with us in the tranquil surroundings of Alton.

    Our spacious bright Canteen area can seat up to 30 people and overlooks our incredible Bowing 737 set where your never far away from the action.

    Our kitchen area contains; Washing facility, Microwaves, fridges and tea and coffee making facilities. As well as close by washroom amenities.


    12,000 Square Foot of workshop space for props, special fx and set construction.

    The Studios fully equipped woodmill is conveniently located within the carpenter’s workshop and provides a full range of machines for all construction needs. The workshops are equipped with panel sizing machines, solid timber sawing, plaining, joining, moulding and turning machines. Expert staff are on hand to maintain machines and also for full service wood machining.


    We have parking for over 500 cars and can easily accommodate facilities trucks of all sizes.

    Plenty of space to unload oversize set decorations. As a consequence, we a proud to have long term relationships with all the major studios.

    Private transport welcome.

  • Post Production & Color Grading




  • Post Production

    Grading sweet

    Black Hangar Studios are proud to present their brand new 2K P3 / REC 709 DCI compliant BARCO grading suite and screening room.

    The first true test of the facility was to grade Ethan Hawke’s latest picture, Born To Be Blue and it went like a breeze.


    Freelance Colourist Paul Ensby commented “During the grading process at BHS, I got total support from the technical team there and the environment was adjusted to suit mine and the productions needs,I’d have no hesitation in returning there for another project”


    Post Manager Jason Rayment said “With our new grading suite we can offer a competitive edge as we have an incredible flexible approach, We can create bespoke packages to match your timescale and budget whilst offering film conform, VFX and delivery all under one roof.”

    The Screening Room

    DCI compliant Theatre

    The screening room features 8 luxury seats. The Image is projected from a Barco DP 2000. The Suite can also be dry hired for private screenings or to view rushes.


    Boasting competitive prices as we don’t have the huge overheads of Soho and you can use one of our team of in-house colourists or you can bring your own.


    Within easy reach of London, in the tranquil setting of ‘Jane Austen Country,’ Hampshire. Recent productions to have benefited from Black Hangar Post Production services are: Breaking The Bank (Kelsey Grammar), Born To Be Blue (Ethan Hawke) and
    Miracle Landing On The Hudson for National Geographic.


    Our fully integrated Production Services make us your perfect Production partner. Film Funding, Studio Facilities, Post Production, VFX, Broadcast Deliverables.

  • 35mm LAB




  • 35mm LAB

    Creating 35mm cinema prints has never been easier or more economical with our new CinEvator 5 facility

    DCP, DPX, QuickTime Pro­Res or alternative formats can all be printed to 35mm film
    No colour matching required – 3D prints available.
    We can work with audio in the following formats: Dolby MOD files and WAV ­files
    Eliminates all the processes involving negative intermediate and
    the contact printing that might deteriorate the image and sound quality.

    Every roll is checked by our experienced technicians in real-time,
    to ensure the highest picture and audio quality.

    Subtitles can be supplied in any major format — D­cinema XML, SRT, timed text – UTF­8 encoding.

    Our digital printing systems allow complete flexibility. Subtitles can be created in any language, colour or position within the frame (horizontal/vertical).

  • Partners

    Village Studios

    Ansgar Media

    CPC London

    Emboss Picures


    Dark Side Studios

    ISM Entertainment

    NXTGEN Technology

  • Contact Us

    * subject of privacy policy

    Lasham Airfield, Alton
    Hampshire, GU34 5SG
    +44 (0) 125 638 4235
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