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Post Production

Black Hangar Studios offers state-of-the-art Post Production facilities for Film & TV. Featuring a BARCO Screening Room just minutes from the Stage and Production Offices, ideal for viewing your rushes/dailies.


Screening Room

Black Hangar Studios are proud to present their 2K P3 / REC 709 DCI compliant BARCO grading suite and screening room.

Post Production

Boasting competitive prices as we don’t have the huge overheads of Soho and you can use one of our team of in-house colourists or you can bring your own. Within easy reach of London, in the tranquil setting of ‘Jane Austen Country,’ Hampshire. 

Video Editing Keyboard
Video Editing

Cloud based DIT, Delivery, Storage and Rushes

Webgate, the celebrated automated Rushes/Dailies system with best in class features for security, collaborative working and distribution within your team - as used on many ultra high profile Hollywood Blockbusters. Automated online (upload EDL), VFX pulls and long term archiving (LTO) to save costs and streamline your post production. 


Using an advanced camera rig and custom-made software, Metapixel creates astonishingly lifelike avatars with photo-realistic features, ready for use in games, movies, and beyond. One capture computer for every ten cameras, Capture rate of five shots per second for up to 15 shots on RAW, Full body scan of 17 million polys decimated from 145 million, 12k texture, Retopology service available for individual assets or batches, Fast turnaround time for rendered assets, Internationally portable.

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