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32,000 SQ FT STAGE

A "one-stop-shop" for all productions!



Detailed Breakdown

  • Stage Height: (24 ft) at the lowest point of the eaves, (37 ft) at the highest point of the apex.

  • Dimensions: 125 ft wide x 240 ft long.

  • Vehicle Access: Width 5.8m (18 ft) Height 7.9m (25 ft).

  • Weight-bearing: 7 ton per truss, 330-ton overall roof weight.

  • Floor space: 32,000 Sq ft uninterrupted (no pillars or support structures).

  • Power: 48 x 13 amp points, 1 x 32 amp, 2 x 2 phase 16 amp and a 200 kva generator for hire.

  • Fire System: A brand new L3 compliant fire alarm system featuring high ceiling smoke and heat detectors, powerful emergency lighting, 6 brand new fire escapes and a sophisticated control panel allowing us to isolate the alarm for short periods to allow for any smoke and pyro work.

  • Broadband: High speed multi-fibre broadband installed inside our main stage with speeds up to 1,000 MBPS (up and down) for direct connections.

  • Soundproof Insulation: 10mm of closed cell polyurethane insulation, 100mm of open cell polyurethane insulation, 20x25ft Acoustic Drapes installed around the perimeter.


Black Hangar Studios is home to the largest permanent green screen cyclorama in the UK! This was extended in 2021 to accommodate virtual set technology and now measures:

Wall One: 30m wide x 7.3m high / Wall Two: 25m wide x 7.3m high / Wall Three: 10m wide x 7.3m high

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