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The UK’s 'National Cinema Day' is back on September 2nd

Mark your calendars for Saturday 2nd September, as the UK gears up to host a remarkable cinematic extravaganza – National Cinema Day. This day-long celebration will see a multitude of cinemas across the nation uniting to offer an unrivalled opportunity to revel in the magic of the big screen, immersing audiences in the captivating world of film.

The concept of National Cinema Day was first introduced as a way to acknowledge and honor the rich history and cultural impact of cinema in the UK. Over the years, it has evolved from a single day of film screenings to a multi-faceted celebration that embraces the entire cinematic experience. From iconic classics to avant-garde masterpieces, National Cinema Day showcases the diverse spectrum of films that have graced UK theaters over the decades.

In a move that demonstrates their commitment to making this day truly special, participating cinemas have rolled out an incredible offer. For all screenings at participating cinemas on National Cinema Day, tickets are priced at an unbeatable £3. This irresistible offer is a powerful incentive for individuals, families, and friends to seize the opportunity to witness cinematic wonders in their full glory on the grandest stage – the big screen.

To find your nearest participating cinema, click here.

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