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SAG-AFTRA Members Overwhelmingly Approve Strike Authorization on the IMA and the Video Game Industry

In a significant and resounding show of solidarity, members of SAG-AFTRA have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike authorization on the Interactive Media Agreement, which governs their work in the video game industry. With an impressive 98.32% approval rate, this resolute decision underscores the importance of fair compensation, workplace conditions, and respect for the hardworking professionals who bring our favourite video game characters to life. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this historic vote and what it means for the future of the video game industry.

The Interactive Media Agreement (IMA) is a pivotal document that dictates the terms and conditions under which SAG-AFTRA members provide their voices, motion capture performances, and other talents for video games. This agreement covers critical aspects such as compensation, health and safety standards, and protection of performers' rights. The IMA is crucial for ensuring that the voices and likenesses of SAG-AFTRA members in video games are handled fairly and professionally.

Crucially, it's essential to understand that this strike authorization is not an immediate call for a strike. Instead, it's a potent signal that underscores the urgency of ongoing negotiations with key video game industry players. These negotiations, ongoing since October 2022, involve the following prominent companies:

  • Activision Productions Inc.

  • Blindlight LLC

  • Disney Character Voices Inc.

  • Electronic Arts Productions Inc.

  • Formosa Interactive LLC

  • Insomniac Games Inc.

  • Epic Games

  • Take 2 Productions Inc.

  • VoiceWorks Productions Inc.

  • WB Games Inc.

Unfortunately, these companies have thus far failed to offer satisfactory terms on issues that hold immense significance for SAG-AFTRA members.

The next round of negotiations is slated for September 26, 27, and 28. SAG-AFTRA hopes that the robust support garnered through this strike authorization vote will exert substantial pressure on the companies, encouraging them to make meaningful concessions on these contentious issues, where there is still a significant gap between the parties.

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