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  • Emily Hawes

Nicolas Cage: The Actor's Takes on The Flash, and The Use of AI in the Film Industry

Nicolas Cage recently made headlines with his cameo appearance in the DC Extended Universe film, 'The Flash.' Cage, who was originally cast as Superman in a Tim Burton-directed project that never came to fruition, made a surprising appearance in the new movie. This appearance brought upon discussions of the use of AI in the film industry.

Cage's cameo involved his character standing in an alternate dimension, bearing witness to the destruction of the universe, which he disclosed meant he was 'on set for maybe three hours.' However, Cage's appearance in 'The Flash' was unexpected for many viewers, and interestingly enough, this surprised even Cage himself.

The film includes a scene where his character is seen fighting a giant spider, quite different from what he initially filmed. The actor clarified that he 'did not do that' during the shoot and went on to explain that CGI must have been used to create this. Although he contends that it wasn't used in this instance, he also sympathizes with Tim Burton's concerns about AI's impact on artistic integrity.

In a candid interview, Cage expressed his reservations about artificial intelligence, calling it a 'nightmare' and 'inhumane.' He voiced his concern about the potential for AI to appropriate and manipulate artistic creations. This perspective aligns with Burton's previous criticism of AI using his iconic animation style to reimagine characters.

Despite the unexpected turn of events in 'The Flash,' Cage praised the film's director, Andrés Muschietti, and the effort put into creating his Superman suit. Interestingly, two of Nicolas Cage’s films have special connections with Black Hangar Studios. 'Grand Isle' (2019), featured scenes that were shot both here and at our very own sister studios ORWO Studios, located in Louisiana. 'Willy's Wonderland' (2021) was created with the help of Black Hangar Studios, ORWO Studios, Blacklab, and Black VFX. Our CEO Jake Seal was a producer on both films.

As Cage and others within the entertainment industry share their interesting views on this unknown territory, we delve further into the discussion regarding AI and art.

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