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Kelsey Grammer Reflects on His Han Solo Audition for Star Wars: A New Hope!

Kelsey Grammer is a name synonymous with television, known for his iconic roles in shows like "Cheers" and "Frasier." However, the entertainment world nearly witnessed a very different trajectory for the talented actor. In a recent interview with, Grammer shared his experience of auditioning for the legendary role of Han Solo in George Lucas' "Star Wars: A New Hope." Grammer also starred in two of our own productions, 'Grand Isle' and 'Breaking the Bank', both filmed at our studio!

In the realm of Hollywood legends, the casting of Han Solo was a crucial decision, and it could have easily gone a different way. George Lucas, the visionary creator of the Star Wars universe, considered various actors for the role, with Kelsey Grammer being one of them. Among the other notable names in contention were Al Pacino and Burt Reynolds. Grammer took a trip down memory lane, discussing this momentous audition during a conversation focused on the Frasier revival.

Grammer revealed that it was a twist of fate that led him to the audition room. He explained that one of his university professors introduced him to an agent representing someone working on a casting for a "movie about space." With curiosity piqued, Grammer ventured into the world of intergalactic adventure.

"I walk around and knock on the door, sure enough, they call me in, and I sit down, and there is. I didn't know him at the time, George Lucas," Grammer recalled. "We're making this thing about... [it's] a fairytale in space. You know, two guys rescue a princess."

As Grammer listened to the pitch, he realized the potential of the project. Lucas continued, "You're right for... well, there's two parts... maybe the older guy. He's kind of, you know, a gunslinging kind of guy. You know, an adventurer."

However, despite the promising conversation with George Lucas, Kelsey Grammer never received a call-back. Little did he know that the mysterious sci-fi project he had discussed in that audition room had moved forward without him. It wasn't until he sat down to watch "Star Wars: A New Hope" that he realized the magnitude of the opportunity he had missed.

While Kelsey Grammer didn't land the role of Han Solo, he went on to find fame in the world of television. A few years later, he became Dr. Frasier Crane in the beloved sitcom "Cheers," and later, in the successful spin-off series "Frasier, which recently got a reboot. Despite the missed opportunity in a galaxy far, far away, Grammer made an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

Watch the Interview:

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