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  • Emily Hawes

Film Studio Spotlight: Explore Black Hangar Studios

film studios in sunlight
Black Hangar Studios

Located within the serene landscapes of Hampshire, lies Black Hangar Studios, a charming film studios, an enticing destination for filmmakers seeking quality without the overwhelming overheads of larger city-based studios. Black Hangar Studios stands as a testament to innovation, cinematic excellence, and top facilities, making it a gem in the realm of film production. Come explore some of our facilities!

At the heart of Black Hangar Studios lies a vast 32,000 square foot stage, housing the largest permanent green screen cyclorama in the UK. This space was extended in 2021 to incorporate cutting-edge virtual set technology, providing limitless creative expression. This expansive, versatile stage facilitates diverse events from team building days to live studio audiences and feature films.

Large green screen in film studios
Sound stage

The film studio's facilities transcend the stage, offering a self-contained lot featuring hardstanding areas adaptable for rehearsals, additional production offices, and ample parking for live production trucks. From variously sized production offices to sprawling workshop spaces for prop and set construction, this film studios caters to every production scale and requirements.

Our newly built state-of-the-art Green Rooms provide actors and actresses with a relaxing haven between takes, as the comfort and convenience our our occupants are paramount. The studio's catering services ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay amidst Alton's tranquil surroundings.

Wooden cabins in the sun
Green Rooms

Beyond the studio lot, Black Hangar Studios extends into an extensive woodland backlot, offering a picturesque canvas to explore for outdoor shoots, complete with deserted roads and boundless opportunities for green screen virtual sets and set extensions.

Our industry standard editing suit and screening room is nothing short of top quality, and allows the crew to review rushes and dailies, hold screenings, and test audience reaction for feedback. Additionally, our in-house post-production companies offer exceptional services in editing, VFX, and colouring, suiting your every need!

Large projector and screen
Screening Room

Black Hangar Studios isn't merely a space; it's a haven that encourages creativity, innovation, and cinematic brilliance. Its commitment to blending tradition with cutting-edge technology makes it an ideal destination for filmmakers looking to express their vision. Explore the film studios with our virtual tour and experience the magic of Black Hangar Studios yourself!

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