Black Hangar Studios - Levelled Up!

Black Hangar Studios has been working steadily through the pandemic, providing uninterrupted, quality service to multiple productions throughout 2021, always in a safe, professional bubble. Not only have we been able to continue to work through the most challenging period in recent memory, we have emerged from the pandemic in better shape than ever, with a series of studio upgrades making our stage a more appealing space to realize your vision than ever!

Upgrades include:

  • A brand new L3 complaint fire alarm system featuring high ceiling smoke and heat detectors, powerful emergency lighting, 6 brand new fire escapes and a sophisticated control panel allowing us to isolate the alarm for short periods to allow for any smoke and pyro work
  • Extended green screen cyclorama, making it even more versatile
  • high speed multi-fibre broadband installed in our main stage with speeds up to 1,000 MBPS (up and down) for direct connections
  • Our adjacent office building is looking better than ever with 4 modern office spaces, large wardrobe & cloakroom, make-up room and a 1,200 sqft open plan studio style space complemented by a 1,000 sqft workshop.

We also have grading suites and a screening room (2K DCI) complete with a BARCO projector.

Forklift and Scissor lift available for hire and British Army trained medics available who can cover all COVID requirements for you, including testing (LAMP or PCR), available on site.

So get in touch quickly to secure space for your production soon! We look forward to working with you and helping you realize your vision!

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